em approved // first toys

Continuing with my series on registry favorites, here were Em’s favorite first toys.

1] Winkel – Lots of loops with a rattle in the middle. Seems silly + overpriced, but it was her absolute first + favorite toy as an itty bitty baby. Its design allows infants to easily grip it. Em’s hand + fingers would get caught in it so that she could easily hold on to it. It’s lightweight enough so it wouldn’t hurt if she accidently bopped herself with it. Also handy as a teether.

2] Sophie the Giraffe – A classic for a reason. Em loved chomping on Sophie.

3] Oball – Not as easy to grasp, so Em caught onto this ball after the Winkel. However, unlike the Winkel, this rolls. Lots of fun for her once she got a little more mobile. But an early favorite due to it’s lightweight, flexible design.

4] Rink O’ Links – We got these links a little late in the early baby stage. However, she still loved them + we wish we would have gotten them sooner. They are nubby for teething. Easy + small for her to carry around. The linking ability is awesome. We would link them to her stroller or carseat and attach a soft toy at the end. That way, she always had something to play with and the ability to toss or drop the toy was greatly reduced.

5] Go Go Bugs - Rattle + crinkle toys with a velcro strap on the end. Great for attaching to stroller or carseat. Mostly, we attached one to her wrist so she could play with it without losing it. Like the name implies, a great toy for on the go.

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  1. Amy // May 24, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    It’s my good luck to have stumbled upon your blog lately — what a lovely (virtual) place to be! :)

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