halloween // 2016 – part two

halloween // 2016

Late much? Yes! So sorry! But, here’s part two of Em’s Halloween costume.

Em wanted to go as a Pokémon Trainer! Lots and lots of searching proved that we needed to make her costume as they didn’t really exist in stores. And, around September/October, online only had adult sizing for pricey custom costumes.

We found black leggings, shorts, gloves and a gymnastics leotard at Target. We attached elastic purple and elastic silver ribbon to the pants and gloves using fabric adhesive tape. The shoes were a score from H&M. To create the stripe on each one, I added yellow felt. The hat was from Amazon, and I also added the yellow felt Poké Ball graphic to it. Her belt was her father’s running belt that holds his phone while he runs. With a little pinning, it was perfectly her size. To it, we glued a wooden Poké Ball that we crafted. Finding a yellow jacket was challenging. I ended up finding one at H&M. It was a lengthy zippered hoodie. My husband modified it to be shorter for her, and we added white washi tape for the stripe on each arm. The backpack was made from scratch. It took a couple of tries but it turned out pretty nice! We stuffed it with some cotton to give it a little bit of a 3D look. For her trick-or-treat bag, I spray painted one of those plastic jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat buckets to look like a Poké Ball.

Definitely the most effort we’ve put into a costume but she loved it! And so did the kids at her school [they do a little pre-trick-or-treating Halloween get together].

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