halloween // 2016 – part one

halloween // 2016

For Halloween this year, Em went a little more obscure in her costume choosing. So, up until the day she wore it, we were busy sewing and fabric taping her ensemble¬†together. We learned a ton along the way! Can’t wait to share the pics with you.

happy veterans day

paw paw / veterans day

Thank you veterans! To all those that have served in my family + friends circle and beyond. And to this guy – thank you, Paw Paw.

And a little life update – very recently, my family lost our matriarch. A very special lady and I’m still a little heartbroken. She had 93 good, happy + pretty darn healthy years. Though, I still wish it were more. There is just never enough time here on earth.

emily elizabeth and a teacher

clifford + teacher

Last week, Em’s school had a few fun dress up days.

On the left, dress up like your favorite storybook character. It was a toss up until that very day between Pinkalicious and Emily Elizabeth from Clifford. I think her being able to take Clifford to school for show and tell won her over. We had most in her closet – added a few buttons to a hot pink cardigan. However, the pink and black striped knee highs were a challenge to find at the last minute. For reference, these adult arm warmers were perfect for her! We just sewed up the thumbs and cut out the extra fabric.

On the right, dress up like your chosen profession. A few days prior she decided on being a teacher. We pulled out the dress from her pre-k pictures, again tossed on a cardigan and popped out the lens to her sunglasses.

She had such fun deciding on what to be and seeing what all her friends chose!

halloween // 2014

halloween 2014

Like many three, four, and five year olds… Em was the popular snow queen for halloween this year. There was a sea of blue that night. Elsas everywhere. So adorable.

8 years



Today, Kacey and I are celebrating eight years of marriage. Eight wonderful + happy years!

photos by Bray Danielle

pumpkin patch // 2014

pumpkin patch 2014

pumpkin patch 2014

Another year at the pumpkin patch. Can’t believe how fast October zoomed on by!

pre-k 2014


Today, this happened. Em started her big girl school. Going daily brings a new routine for both of us. She was very excited this morning though she got a little sad when it was time for us to go and her to stay. Ah, little girl. Four years in a blink and I have a feeling it’s only going to speed up.

dance recital // year two

dance review

dance review

Speaking of dancing, Em had her dance review yesterday! Pink, polka dots + tap dancing. Super cute.