poster project

if you’re an artist/designer and want to help the gulf coast recover, this project is for you. summit your poster, and it could be be featured and sold online with all of the proceeds going to gulf aid acadiana to help gulf coast fishermen affected by the oil spill. find out more about the great oil leak 2010 poster project here.

packaging perfection

just when you’ve seen it all. this packaging for babees honey is perfection. the carrier. the logo. the stripes. perfection.

via @bluepoolroad via @lovelypackage


i came across these minimalist posters depicting films by tim burton. i love their simplicity and style. they seem to mimic cut construction paper. so well done.

via @anotherempire


from the portfolio of italian artist maurizio santucci, i really like these book cover designs. he has quite an interesting collection of work. take a peek here.

clever packaging

more packaging via the die line that i’m fond of. so clever + clean.

yulia brodskaya

i saw this on paper crave and just had to share it with you! it’s the 2009 neiman marcus christmas book. known for featuring lavish + luxurious chirstmas gifts, this year’s cover design showcases beautiful paper quilling. paper quilling is the art of rolling and shaping pieces of paper to create intricate, three-dimensional designs.

the book’s paper quilling was done by the very talented yulia brodskaya. below are more of her quilling creations from her portfolio.

boxed halloween invites

have you seen the fabulous halloween invites that mrs. limestone designed and sent out? she has an annual halloween party, and every year i look forward to seeing her invites + decorations. she always has such great ideas!

tetreault lettering

Thanks to Design Work Life [love that blog, by the way, and read it daily!], I discovered the portfolio of Joshua Tetreault which includes this piece of work. It was created for his personal identity system. I really love the three dimensional quality and how it seems to push the boundaries of lettering.