whimsical watercolor


I’m still loving the watercolor trend. In fact, I just picked up this dress for our family portraits this year. It’s a much bolder print that I usually wear [I usually end up sticking with solids] but I thought I’d give it a whirl!

dress / pillow / iphone case / shoes

rockin’ the rose gold

rose gold

It all started with a simple rose gold ring. An antique wedding ring that’s been in my family for a very long time. That simple ring started my adoration for all things rose gold many, many years ago. I’m so happy to see rose gold making a comeback in such a big way. Here are a few rose gold inspired favorites that I’ve been lusting after – including the watch on my wish list.

tank // sunglasses // clutch // powder // watch // ring // earrings // bracelet // box // belt // polish
shoes // pen

color palette

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve discovered a favorite color palette emerging.

photo credits – one / two / three / four / five

rae gun

i just bookmarked these diaper covers. as a ruffle lover, i think a ruffled bum is just beyond cute!

tape installations

such beautiful installations by austin artist rebecca ward. it’s hard to believe they are made with tape!

via @design_sponge

Inspiration // Craft Room

kacey’s mom has a good friend who is a very talented embroiderer, stitcher + quilter, and she’s working on creating a new workshop space for all of her threads, fabrics, supplies + machines. i thought i’d put together some of my favorite craft rooms + sewing spaces for her. if you click on each picture above, it will take you to the source and more pictures of that workspace.

do you have any sewing room resources? if so, please leave a link to them in the comments. thanks!

handmade nation

labor day weekend kacey and i went to the austin premiere of handmade nation. it was held at the alamo drafthouse, and it was the first time we’d ever been there. the film was followed by q & a with the director, faythe levine, and several of the artists featured in the film. we had quite an inspiring + fun time!

above is some of the swag that we got for attending. the first pic is the front of the tote everything came in. courtesy of sublime stitching, it came with instructions + thread so that we can embroidery it ourselves. very fun!

clementine art packaging

loving the packaging for these children’s natural art supplies. it’s clean + simple. and i love how the color pops against the stark white packaging.  |  via the die line