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ceramica botanica

Ceramica Botanica

I love when Etsy features shops on their homepage. I get to make new shop discoveries. Like this pottery place called Ceramica Botanica. Such pretty patterns + gorgeous colors.

toy cameras

Every week until Em was two years old, I took her weekly picture. It’s been four months since those weekly pictures but Em is so accustomed to the routine that she often takes out her mat [where I'd take her picture] and we take turns taking pretend pictures. I was thinking a little toy camera would be something she might really enjoy. I rounded up these fun wooden options. Then, I read about my friend Kim giving her daughter [who is just a few months older than Em] her old camera. A real camera that her daughter uses to take real pictures. That might be fun, too!

onetwo / three

field trip

We just got back from our extended weekend trip to Portland. We had lots of fun + did lots of touristy things. I’ve got about 6oo pictures to download, sort and edit. Then, I’ll be sharing them with you as well as a breakdown of all that we accomplished.

But until then…

I love these posters from the Etsy shop Field Trip. Such soft colors and I especially love that you can order posters as large as 13″ x 19″

em’s growth chart

em's growth chart

A while back, I blogged about my search for a keepsake growth chart for Em. I’ve been meaning to share with you the one we ended up getting. We ordered the The Brimfield Growth Chart from Etsy. It’s a canvas growth chart that’s printed with a reproduction of an old black + white wooden ruler found in Massachusetts.

em's growth chart

It’s over six feet tall, which I’m glad about because at Em’s 2 year appointment, they took her height, doubled it and estimated that she’ll be 5’8″ as an adult. That might sound normal to you. However, to a shortie like me [from a short family!] that seems really tall!

Have you tired that measurement trick? Did it work for your kids?

bb sweets

Would you believe these are cookies?! They are so intricate + beautiful.

good manner flash cards

Just discovered these adorable good manner flash cards via Hellobee’s Pinterest page. There are from the Etsy shop Loopzart and they have lots of super cute prints for sale. I love their illustration style!


Just discovered these handmade baby shoes on the front page of Etsy. They’re so adorable + colorful!

write with moxie

Loving these recycled pencils from Write With Moxie. So bright + fun.

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