new postage // 2014

stamps // 2014

While dropping off orders at the Post Office today, I noticed a few new stamp offerings. Here are some of my favorites. I bought a couple sheets of the Cut Paper Heart stamp for the Valentine cards we’ll be mailing out. It might be my favorite stamp ever.

presswork + the show

letterpress wine

letterpress wine

Lookie what I discovered this weekend. Presswork Shiraz, and I found it at our local Trader Joe’s. Looks like it features a Peerless? Or maybe a C&P? Not sure. But neat regardless! I’ve added it to my [very small] letterpress themed wine collection which consists of The Show printed by Hatch Show Print.

t.j. maxx online + runway

t.j. maxx runway + online

You guys, I just discovered something [two things, really] dangerous to my wallet! First, you know how T.J. Maxx sometimes has hidden gems that you discover? Maybe it’s a pair of Kate Spade shoes at a T.J. Maxx you don’t frequent. Well, I found out that T.J. Maxx has these special Runway stores that sell high end designer labels. Longchamp, Fendi, Gucci, Badgley Mischka, Jimmy Choo, Chloé and more. And when I was searching for the closest Runway store near me [Houston!], I found out that T.J. Maxx now sells online! There’s even a Runway section online. And, lots of things are returnable at their physical stores making it super easy.

And no, I wasn’t endorsed to blog about this. There are no referral links above either. I just love the store and am excited to share my discoveries with you!

holiday postage // 2013

holiday stamps 2013

Have you seen the holiday postage for this year? Here are a few of their offerings. Love the wreath, although it’s an international stamp.

iphone 5 cases

iphone 5 cases

If we’re friends on Facebook, then you saw that I just got a new phone [whoo hoo! :] Now, I’m on the hunt for a case that won’t cover up the lovely gold. Here’s what I narrowed it down to. A bumper, a clear case with hand painted flowers, a bumper with clear back and a mock case by the same company that my last case came from.

Do you have any other contenders I should add to my list?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

stitch fix

stitch fix

Have you heard of this? Stitch Fix. It’s a stylish personal shopping service. A few friends use it and love it. You sign up, fill out your profile including your style, size, lifestyle and budget and they send you a box full of hand selected goodies based on your style profile. You have three days to try on everything, and you pay for only what you want to keep. There is a $20 styling fee which goes towards the purchase of anything you like in your box. It’s free shipping both ways. Oh, and your box not only contains clothes, but accessories, too! This definitely sounds like something I could use!

If you want to sign up, I’d love for you to use my referral links above! Thanks!

j.crew maternity

jcrew maternity

I can hardly believe it! J.Crew is now offering maternity clothes! Back when I was eight months pregnant, my love for J.Crew really started. Being petite and pregnant, it was one of the few places that I could find clothes to fit. Back then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if they actually had a maternity line? Three years later, it’s here. Although it looks to be only pants now, I hope it’s going to bloom into a full line for baby bumps.

new postage // part two


I’m also looking forward to these stamps coming out soon! The stamps on the right should be out this April.