recent work // house illustration – house no. 65

custom sketch no. 65

Happy fall! I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to some cooler temperatures – crisp mornings and sweater weather.

I want to showcase another custom sketch we completed some time back. This time it wasn’t a home but an illustration for a business. And not a moving announcement but a holiday card! For the ink color, Ripple Design Studio chose a custom chartreuse green to match their logo.

It might be crazy talk for me to suggest that now’s the time to start thinking about holiday cards. But it’s true! Typically, custom holiday cards such as these take 4-6 weeks for completion. If you considering moving or you are half-way through the moving process or you have recently moved, these make really special combo holiday + moving cards. Or, like Ripple Design Studio did, one-of-a-kind holiday cards for your business!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you, RDS!

recent work // house illustration – house no. 64

custom house illustration // no. 64

Forgive me for being so behind on showcasing our letterpress work! And blogging in general. We’ve been busy designing + printing with less time focused on writing. I definitely need to work on that.

Here’s a lovely 5″ x 7″ custom illustrated house print we work on a while back.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, S!

recent work // mitchell’s first birthday invitations

Earlier this year, Pierce’s little brother Mitchell turned one. We were so honored to work with their family again on the invitations + thank you cards for his special celebration.

mitchell's first birthday invite

For the design, Mitchell’s first birthday invitation complements Pierce’s first birthday invitation so that the two can work well side by side together in a frame. A sweet new theme and fresh color palette sets the two invites apart.

mitchell's thank you card

We hope your birthday was a fun one, Mitchell!

em’s fifth birthday invitations

I’m so excited to finally share with you the invitations we designed + letterpress printed for Em’s birthday party. As you recall, she requested a mermaid theme for her fifth birthday.

em's fifth birthday invitations

The illustrations were really fun to work on. Kelp, seashells and bubbles! Oh my! Plus we hid a few mermaid specific illustrations. We chose a very soothing color palette reminiscent of sea glass and threw in a pop of vibrant orchid for the text.

em's fifth birthday invitations

How wonderful are these vintage stamps? Perfect for her underwater theme.

em's fifth birthday invitations

Like previous years, we handed out wish cards for our family to write their wishes for Em. This year, she really enjoyed reading them after the party.

em's fifth birthday invitations

And finally, the mermaid merci cards that we sent out post party to thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts and for celebrating with us.

em's fifth birthday invitations

em's fifth birthday invitations

And there you have it! Em’s mermaid invitations for her fifth birthday party.

recent work // house illustration – house no. 63

custom house illustration // house no. 63

Lots to catch up on. Like this 5″x7″ print with a custom house illustration that made for a lovely Christmas present.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, V!

recent work // house illustration – house no. 62

house illustration //  house no. 62

Good morning readers! We have another custom moving announcement to share with you today.

Congratulations H family on your historic “new” home!

recent work // house illustration – house no. 61

house illustration //  house no. 61

I promise I’ll get to Em’s party very soon. I’m nearly done editing the pictures!

In the meantime, how about I share this lovely custom house illustration with you?

recent work // house illustration – house no. 60

house holiday cards // house no. 60

moving announcements // house no. 60

We have these custom moving announcements + house-proud holiday cards to share with you today! The holiday cards were folded cards with a lovely deckled edge. The outside featured their gorgeous new home and address. The inside was blank for a personal message.

Congratulations A family. We hope you are enjoying your new home!