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52 Week Blog-25


Don’t you just love discovering a new to you website and getting completely lost in it? Meet You Are My Wild. It’s my go to for a little happy lift. Fourteen photographers taking weekly snapshots of their children. As they see them. Pure and unposed.

One of the fourteen photographers is my friend Meaghan. You may remember the business cards we designed + printed for her.

Also, click on each photo above to be linked to their source.

tutus + cashmere

This has got to be my favorite shoot from J.Crew. Russian ballerinas from the Mariinsky Ballet School modeling J.Crew’s Italian cashmere collection. Simply gorgeous.

newborn pictures

we hired mollie from bloom photography to come to our home to take pictures of e when she was a week old. this is one of my favorites. she’s so tiny + peaceful. i’m happy we took time during the oh-so-tiring newborn stage to take these. it’s hard to believe that tomorrow she will be eight weeks old. how fast they grow! cliche but oh so true.

ps – mollie was fantastic! she was so patient [especially when e decided she needed to nurse during the session even though she had just done so right before the shoot]. and she really took her time so that e wouldn’t wake up while she was positioning her. if you’re in or around austin, you should hire her. if not, i highly recommend finding a photographer that specializes in babies to photograph your newborn. i think it’s much different than photographing adults or even children.

maternity photos

the week before miss e was born was a very, very busy week. we closed on our house, painted our guest room, nursery + office and moved into our new home. friday, in the midst of all the crazines, kacey and i paused for a few hours to take maternity pictures in soco with the ├╝ber talented wendy of blue lily photography. here are a couple of my favorites from our fun shoot.

i was really on the fence about taking maternity pictures. i didn’t exactly love the way i looked while pregnant, especially near the end. however, i also didn’t want to regret not taking them. now, seeing the pictures, i’m so happy we took them and that we have this special time documented.


when i was looking for a picture for friday’s birthday post, i stumbled upon these transparency images from photographer stephen lenthall. i realize there’s now three back to back posts with balloons, but i just thought they were too lovely not to post!

alison gootee

loving the styling of these images by photographer + new orleans native alison gootee. reminds me of the warmth + spice of autumn and the crispness of winter!

how was your thanksgiving? ours was filled with love + laughter and lots and lots of yummy food! and those hot browns? absolutely delicious!!

guest blogging + happy friday

today, i’m guest blogging over at one of my absolute favorite blogs – the english muse. i hope you join me over there. i’m posting magical pictures of a friend’s wedding. i also hope you’re having a fabulous friday!

photo by chennergy weddings

summer collection

Such a gorgeous collection from J.Crew. I adore the color palette. And the styling + photography is perfect.